Ben Lockhart – Owner/Operator:

Ben Lockhart

Ben has always been the type to tinker. A curious nature led him to take apart and reassemble everything he could get his hands on as a child. This led to a DIY nature. Gifted with natural mechanical inclination, he has a hard time looking at something and not thinking "I could make that." This has brought about many projects throughout his life. Some were a success, and some not so stellar, but all valuable as learning experiences. He utilized all his knowledge and talent to bring Lockhart Munitions to fruition. It is his vision to create a one stop gear and service supplier for the tactical community that continues to bring about new additional products and offerings from the company.

Amanda Lockhart – Administration/Textile manager:

Amanda Lockhart

Amanda is responsible for the design and creation of the packaging for the holster products and as well as other textile based projects currently underway in the shop. She also helps maintain order in the chaos of the explosion of requests that have bombarded us upon launch. She is the glue that holds everything together. Without her help with the company, family, and household, the company would not be able to survive.

June Lockhart – Morale specialist:

June helping

June helps us get up every day. the urge to provide a good decent life for her, as well as offer her a path for her future and teach her some skills that could prove valuable to her is all the more inspiration to keep this project going.

Max Lockhart – Security consultant:

Max Lockhart
Max keeps everyone in check. That is all he is comfortable with disclosing due to the effort to maintain his persec.

In all seriousness, the main thing we would like for you to understand about us is we are a family business and we do all our work on our own. We handle pretty much everything we can in house. We build the holsters. We make the packaging. We do our own promotion and marketing design. We even built and manage this website on our own. Obviously, if things take off for us this "one man show" business model won't work forever, but we do feel it is important for our customers to know where we came from and the steps we take to get where ever we end up. We want you to know we are regular hard working people, just like you, and we understand that value is one of the most important traits to look for in a product or service. We will do our best to earn your business and for you to consider Lockhart Munitions as a high value provider.