• Do you sell ammunition?
  • No
  • Do you plan to sell ammunition?
  • No
  • Why are you called Lockhart Munitions if you don't sell ammunition?
  • Contrary to what the ongoing destruction of the English language would lead you to believe, the word munition does not exclusively pertain to ammunition. The dictionary defines the word munition as:
      Noun –
    1. Usually, munitions. materials used in war, especially weapons and ammunition.
    2. Material or equipment for carrying on any undertaking.

    While both meanings technically refer to the products and services we offer, we tend to lean more towards the second meaning. We like to think of ourselves as suppliers of munitions, materials, gear, solutions or what have you, for modern world dilemmas. Whether it be a comfortable method of conceal carrying a firearm, providing a custom or more durable finish to an EDC rig, or simply making a piece of gear your own. We understand the complexities and intricacies of today's firearms community. One piece of gear does not fit ever person's lifestyle, nor should it. Your gear should be built to your specs.

  • Will my holster look exactly like the one in the picture?
  • Probably not. We prefer to let our designs evolve over time. With the help of constant testing, customer feedback and innovative manufacturing processes, we can keep our designs fresh and relevant to the market. If you have a specific design detail that you would like to incorporate to your holster, that isn't a problem. Simply let us know what you saw that you liked, and we will build it to suit your request.
  • Will Kydex wear the finish on my firearm?
  • It depends. Do you plan to carry your firearm every day and regularly train with it and the holster, with repeated draw and re-holster practice? Then it probably will wear the finish some on your gun. Will this be any more aggressive of a wear than any other holster? Not likely. Do you plan to buy the holster and store a gun in a safe in the holster? If so then odds are it will probably wear less in this fashion than other types of holsters than can trap moisture against the gun such as leather. It all comes down to one question you need to ask yourself. "Am I willing to carry this gun as a tool to protect myself and my loved ones every day?" If the answer to this question is yes, then the firearm you are using is more than likely not a collectible in the first place. Carry rigs wear. Period. There isn't really anything to prevent it. We do take measures in our design to prevent excessive wear, however, nothing keeps a gun new forever. If you do have a safe queen (there are a lot of us in the tactical community who are guilty of this), and would like to look into a storage solution, contact us. We would like the opportunity to try to offer you a product to suit your needs as well.
  • Do you warranty your work?
  • Absolutely. If something is wrong about a product or service you have received from us due to materials or craftsmanship, we want to be the first to know about it. We will do what is needed to make the situation right. If a problem is determined to be from excessive abuse, we will do our best to try and determine a way to prevent it in the future, as well as offer some tips to help prolong the life of your gear. DO NOT leave your kydex gear in a hot vehicle in direct sunlight. Trust us. We are based in Mississippi and we know what the temps in our cars on a hot day can do to kydex. It does have the potential to remove definition from your holster and cause improper fit. Obviously, we can't fully warranty replacements do to neglect, but we will do our best to help you out in getting a new holster at a valued customer discount.